War is never pretty

Exit from the tomb of Kuruk-Ma-Kali


Bulunan kuru para treasure

  • coins: 15489cp + 12354sp + 4223gp
  • gems: 4540gp
  • jevelry(rings): 475gp
  • jevelry(necklace): 707gp
  • art object : 934gp
  • heykellerden sokulen gemler : 10500gp
    Gp Toplam 22769.29 gp


  • Ring of Delusion (seems like ring of fireresistance)
  • Ring of freedom of movement
  • Elven Chain
  • Manual of the Warlord
  • Dwarf Crown (Khed Dothomehl)
  • Satranc tahtası (Silver chess set of Cilorealon)
  • Red dragon Hide (2000gp ederi. 1 Medium veya 2 small shiel yapılabilir)
  • Golden Crown of Kuruk-Ma-Kali (10000gp)
  • Chain Mail +5


burcinsayin burcinsayin

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