Manual of the Warlord

This magically potent work contains expert instruction regarding methods of motivating, leading and manipulating soldiers and underlings. It covers everything from training methods to avoiding chaos during a rout (on either side). Any lawful character with a base attack bonus of +7 or higher who reads the text can gain the benefits. The reader must spend 48 hours over no less than six days (and no more than two weeks) absorbing the knowledge, then spend one month practicing the techniques of physical and mental exercise therein (at least four hours per day). The work disappears after one reading and the knowledge fades after three months, so the reader must begin his program within twelve weeks of completing the manual. Once begun, the program must be completed to benefit The reader cannot skip his routine more than three days in the thirty, or two days in a row, and still benefit. If he does so, the magic is lost.

At the end of a successfully completed program, the reader gains a level of experience as a Warlod. He gains however many XP are necessary to raise him to the level, but he has no choice regarding the class he advances. Even if he is not a warlord, he still gains 1 level of the prestige class.

The character cannot articulate what he read, nor record it in any way. Neutral characters who are not chaotic can read the text, but do not understand it and gain one negative level (Fort save DC to remove is 23). Any chaotic character who even looks at the writing immediately gains two negative levels (Fort save DC 23) and is stunned for 1d6 rounds.

Caster Level: 19 Weight: 5 lbs.

Manual of the Warlord

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