Silver chess set of Cilorealon

Long ago, some say a thousand years, some say three thousand, an elven king (scholars debate which one) challenged his best craftsmen to create masterpieces for a contest. The
winner would receive the king’s support to court his beautiful daughter (again, scholars debate which one).

No one today remembers the winner’s name, but his creation endures. The chess set consists of magnificently crafted silver statuettes for the pieces with a board made of ivory and ebony squares inlaid in a silver box. Each king is a little over four inches tall, the pawns are about two and a half inches tall. The pieces can move of their own accord to the player’s mental commands and the board plays sweet music while a player contemplates his next move. Moving a piece is a standard action and requires an Int check (DC 12) for non-elves.

The set would bring upward of 10,000 gp from collectors, but buyers in Cilorealon would pay up to 25,000 gp.

Caster Level: 15th; Weight: I5 lbs.

Silver chess set of Cilorealon

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